Maison Bistro

Personal Chef and Inhouse Catering Serving the Island of Montreal

What is a personal chef?

A personal chef takes over the menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking of your dinners. Imagine having the extra time to spend with family and friends, or to pursue more enjoyable activities, while enjoying tasty, home cooked foods in the comfort of your own home

Barbara Sidorowicz has been cooking for almost two decades, preparing meals for clients, family and friends.

Wondering if a personal chef can benefit you?

  • Too busy to cook?
  • Don't like to cook?
  • Tired of the same old take-out menu?

Do you have elderly parents who can no longer manage grocery shopping and meal preparation on their own or is someone you know recovering from illness and needs daily, healthy meals?

Then a Personal Chef could be the solution!

What's involved?

Once we have established your likes/dislikes/medical restrictions etc. we are ready to start. Every week (or at whatever interval you choose - you might just like to keep a stock of healthy, frozen meals in the freezer to use when you're in a pinch) I will send you a menu prepared specifically for you. If you are not satisfied with the selections, I will continue sending you suggestions until you are 100% happy.

Once the menu is approved- your work is done.

I will do the entire shopping, chopping and cooking, package and label upir meals and leave you with ridiculously simple reheating instructions.

Remember, my goal is to make life easier for you!